Dušan Nedelko

About Dušan

Dušan Nedelko: outdoor educator, avid disc golfer, community leader, mentor and friend to thousands of children and adults across Ontario. Tragically on Februrary 18, 2010 Dušan was killed in an automobile accident in Northern Ontario. The Dušan Nedelko Foundation continues his passions, work and instills his belief in education through outdoor activity.

While we're all sad and heartbroken (even over a decade later), Dusan would want us to celebrate life. Like he always said: “Life is fer the the livin' Danny”.

Indeed it is. Indeed it is.

Dušan was always full of life, ready with a smile, goofing off with a joke and as always ready to blurt out his infamous “Dušanisms” at any given time – here are a few:

“”Yaaaaaaaaaa!, That’s what keeps you coming back, boie!”

“Well if it isn’t all my friends! All my friends are here!”

“Just amazing. Never take for granted any disc golf course. work hard to make it continue, and continue to play well. Amazing.”


“You doneven know”

“Hey guys…. guys…. guys…. listen… guys… You know what would be *even* better?”

“Pep….. C’meeer Pep…. Peeeeeeeeeep”

“It’s a sandy mess now.. but it’s going to be great! I have big plans for this course! Big Plans!”

“You don’t know, you don’t even know. Thank you. You don’t get it. You don’t even know what this means. It’s incredible. You don’t even know…”


“I’m gonna go see me Ma!”

Dušan’s Memorial and Wake