South River Course Update

Well, it seems that we may finally be finished with winter. There is
still a little bit of snow, but that should be gone by the end of the
week…YEAH!!! Please be advised that the ice near Holes 1-5 and 18 is
NOT safe to walk on these days, so keep your plastic dry.

Things are shaping up to present a great disc golf season, not just
here in South River, but a new disc golf community is emerging nearby.
Just 30-45 minutes south of us, in Huntsville, there’s is now a full
18 hole disc golf course complete with DGA-MachIII baskets now…awesome.

I hope to post course maps and info for this course in the future so
stay tuned, but in the meantime you can see what’s going on and find
out more about Huntsville here:

This course is a ton of fun to play and is currently designed to help
introduce newer players to the game, but will give seasoned pros a fun
challenge too. It looks like the course is taking off! There were 2
aces (a hole-in-one) in two days this week alone and they may not be
done yet!

I have the honour of hitting the first ace ever on this course, #8
from the long tee off. So they are planning to have an organized
‘club’ with a weekly gathering on Sundays.

With South River Disc Golf Club Tuesdays set to begin May 19th,
there’s plenty of chances for golfers to get together and play in
northern Ontario. Come on out folks, lots of great golf to play…and
it’s only growing!

Here’s the address for the South River disc golf forums:

So, I’m off to the South River course soon…hopefully I’ll get my first
Algonquin Ace today! When I do, you’ll hear about it here : )

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